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Digging up our striking Buy Pandora Charms past

St albans' rich history is buried beneath our feet just waiting to be located.

Anxious to dig up hidden treasures is a club of metal detector addicts who have scoured the county for three decades unearthing valuables from every historical era.Alexandra barhamthe herts district metal detecting society has played a vital part in adding to the knowledge of st albans' past since its humble beginnings in 1978.

Dollars, weaponry and ornaments are among the many ancient artefacts found by the group during excavations in and round the city.

Some items are now neatly were symbolized in a gallery at verulamium museum for all to see.

One of the district's greatest historical discoveries was made by metal detector enthusiast david phillips, who located an early roman burial site near wheathampstead.

Since incredible find in 2002, archaeologists have discovered further burial grounds, a roman villa and farm complex together with roman bath house in the area.

But convinced that there are still more to be exposed, the the population, including things like around 130 members, is constantly on the inspect every available scrap of land, excavation site and pamper heap.

Club digs are held every thursday on three farms, making use of one in redbourn, and the society hopes more landowners Cheap Pandora Beads Sale in st albans will open up their estates for research.

As a nipper i recall the sheer joy of discovering what i suspected to be a medieval signet ring buried in my back garden.

It turned out to be only (more jewelry 2014 here) a piece of tarnished doll's jewellery, with little historic value, but still the surprising find filled me with excitement.

So imagine the devastating elation when an object with a vibrant past is unearthed.

Thirty four years old mark becher, who has been with the society for many years, admits to dancing about with enthusiasm when his detector buzzes.

"Everything we discover we get enthusiastic about, he explained.

"There's always a story behind it even if it's kind of of junk, and i've seen my great number of tin cans and pieces of scrap metal.

"The sensation when you find something wonderful, lost since way back when, is like having your numbers come up on the lottery or winning a competitive sport.

"You feel elated and happy your luck was in and you were detecting in the best place.

"Personally when i find something great i normally conduct some dance under wraps in the field,

Sitting among mark's vast number of ancient remnants are saxon strap ends, 13th century calls, watch secure, 300 yr old crotal bells and musket balls.

"It's like digging up components of history, he was quoted saying.

"If we didn't dig it up also you can left there to rot.

"At least if we return it, it has got the opportunity to spend the rest of its life living happily in a museum in a nice shiny glass case,

And some of the most precious objects have been located by accident.Tag, of meadow close working london colney, outlined that 80, 000 worth of votive bronze age axe heads were discovered in a

Wheathampstead garden after a bride called in metal detector enthusiasts to look for a lost wedding ring.

He bundled: "There's so much history in st albans that every different place poses the necessary steps of bringing up something new and undiscovered,

Meetings are held every month, when club members bring along their finds to discuss and show to one another.Some are declared to your local finds officer, who notes them and assists withjulian watters, finds police policeman for verulamium museum, exclaimed: "My job is to encourage finders of historical objects to report them for recording.

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