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John tory a politics disaster

To paraphrase the word what of the late, brilliant ray charles, it's weeping time again for john tory.

The pc leader lost another heartbreak election yesterday, losing to liberal rick johnson in what was said to be a"Secured"Tory seat of haliburton kawartha ponds brock.

This is very sad.Not just for him and his political hopes.It's a very a dangerous thing for this province.For his wedding.For a democratic procedure that relies on vigourous debate to survive.

Is not an incredible that tory has, easily, the worst politics instincts of any politician i know.His one glorious moment bright day was when he came from nowhere to within a whisker of grabbing the toronto mayoralty in 2003.

After winning the provincial pc authority in 2004, he arrived to the legislature in the dufferin caledon seat vacated by former premier ernie eves in march 2005.

While he was battling initially with an image that he was too wooden, too conventional, it soon became clear he is going to be formidable opponent for premier dalton mcguinty in the 2007 vote.

An old ceo at rogers, tory was professional guy.If the election had been a year later last fall instead of in 2007 the economy can be dominated the agenda, and tory likely may cleaned up.

As this had been, he was the right guy at unhealthy time.He kept talking about the armageddon that was about to occur in the economy.The liberals wanted to share with you the outrage of religious schools.

Tory's biggest problem is he is an excessive amount of a boy scout in a world where doing what is right often comes second to doing what is politically expedient.

He's been belittled for running against education minister kathleen wynne in don valley west.Certainly beneficial, he really need stayed in caledon, but he had this crazy nice guy notion that democracy is centred on fighting for what you believe on your home turf.

He would represent an urban riding.In greater toronto area, it didn't topic much where he ran, he may have been up against a popular incumbent.

Truly guy who, having lost the gta mayoralty to david miller, turned around and held a fund raising evening for the guy.Will there be anyone in toronto who doesn't regret not having the sensible, business like tory at the helm as opposed to the gang that can't shoot straight?

Why did tory include a plank in his provincial platform that supported religious schools?It was a promise he'd made to his control rival, jim flaherty the guy who opened that religious pandora's box from the outset.Tory must have simply taken the cowardly politician's way out and called for a royal commission.

He decided he would address this quandry head on.Now there is an unfair public school funding system.The un human rights panel has ruled it is discriminatory to fund the schools of only one religion catholic.

Last nights loss is a triple whammy.

First, the pcs stolen laurie scott, who was preferred in the riding, she was initially elected in Pandora Rings 2003 an election that was a liberal landslide and in which long time tory incumbents were tossed.

It will plunge the tories into a frenzied leadership contest at an occasion when we need a cohesive, unified voice of competitors holding the liberals to account.The pcs are one big happy family how an nepalese royal family is one big happy family.They get see results about pandora jewelry on better after any bloodletting.

Subsequently, have an effect on a dedicated, honourable man who offered his services with noble of intentions is quite tragic.In the dog eat dog n entire life of politics, not everybody realize how generous tory is.

Colleagues who have lost their jobs report that the first note of doubt they get is by e mail from tory.

As this recession wreaks its havoc within the province, i suspect i will miss tory's strong, sensible presence beyond what the good folk of hklb now realize.

Echoing the legacy of that other decent but hapless subdued, robert stanfield, i suspect tory lowers in history as the best premier this province never had.

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