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There are two this page ways to view the saga of the snowball dance.

One is through objective eyes.From a neutral angle, this annual event for vigo county middleschoolers appears to have grown beyond the borders of practicality.The youngsters most of whom are 11, 12 and 13 years old dress in formal and semiformal attire for a night of promlike festivities including music, dancing and food inside terre haute grandest venue, hulman center.Tickets cost $26 apiece.Dresses, suits, shoes, hair styling, makeup and flowers add to the evening pricetag.And, a few boys and girls arrive via limousine.

The other view is from folks personally involved, namely middleschool children and their families.The snowball dance is popular for a significant reason it fun.Kids have such a good time at this event, said jennifer cook, assistant director for business and marketing at hulman center.To them, this is a big deal.

Thus, the limited number of tickets precisely 1, 000 every year since hulman center became the site of the snowball in 2006 sell quickly.The children who wanted to go, but did not get a ticket(For whatever reason), are typically sad and disappointed.Their parents feel it, too.

Those realities unfolded again last week.Monday, and by 8 o the dec.2 soiree was a sellout.Many in the long line Dresses UK outside the facility went home emptyhanded and unhappy.

This year scenario is not new.In the past, when the nowdefunct family y sponsored the snowball dance, demand for tickets routinely exceeded the number available.In fact, the family y sought out hulman center as a new site for the dance because of its greater space, cook said.After the family y folded last winter, the vigo county school corp.Agreed to take over sponsorship of the snowball.So, the primary difference between the past and 2011 is that the complaints from parents of kids who couldn get a ticket are now being fielded by the school corporation instead of the family y.

Which brings us to the question:What should be done?Or, should anything be done?After all, on dec.2, 1, 000 youngsters will giggle, boogie and munch goodies for a few memorable hours in Hulman Center, just as 1, 000 others did last December, and in 2009, 2008, 2007 and so on.They be secured by hulman center experienced crew and equipment.The limit of 1, 000 participants at the dance is not arbitrary;Fire codes and safety regulations make that fixed number a must. (Yes, hulman center has a capacity of 10, 200 for basketball, but obviously those fans occupy the concourse seats, not the floor. )

Security is also the reason hulman center sells the tickets in person at its box office, cook added.For each purchase, the buyer must provide the name, grade and school of the child attending the snowball, she explained;Then on the night of the dance, their names are checked against a list at the door.

Under that structure, hulman center can provide a safe environment for 1, 000 youngsters, cook said.

Mick newport, the school corporation director of kthrough12 education, has listened to the complaints and vowed the district will everything we can to make it a better event in the future.For this year, the proceeds from the $26aperson dance will cover the facility rental, security and a disc jockey, with the remainder going to the middle schools student activity accounts, newport said.As for those without a ticket, those kids like others in the past will not be able to attend.

Several remedies for 2012 and beyond floated through the county last week.Those ideas included limiting the snowball to eighthgraders, or giving them first chance at the dance tickets.Or, shifting the dance sites to the high schools in the middleschoolers home district.Or, conducting one dance for seventh and eighthgraders, and another for sixthgraders.

Ideally, the solution will result in a more affordable and more accessible snowball dance.We confident the school corporation will take the lessons of this year process and find that solution.

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