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Diamond industry rocked

Last fall, recession-Wary americans more concerned about basics than bling began to lose interest in diamonds and other jewelry, and now the sales slump is reverberating around the world.

Retailers are taking a big hit.Tiffany said monday that its profit dropped more than 75 percent in the fourth quarter.Lynn jewelers, a downtown washington presence since 1946, closed its doors last month.Christian bernard jewelers, a national chain with several stores in the washington area, has shut down, as well.Developed a process to make perfect diamonds of large size for the cost of 50 cents.The process was bought by(Forgive my spelling)Debeors of south africa.

A marijuana tax, a diamond devaluation, ceo's unfair pay, usury, corporate theft of their worker's ideas, insider trading etc.Have to be considered for the value they bring to society for the reason that there is so much waste in the economy.Marijuana costs nothing to grow yet people are making quite a living for themselves from nothing.Same with diamonds.People are living wealthily off diamonds when we have the technology to make them worth nothing.They have inflated worth.

There is so much more to the jewelry business than diamonds.I have a small colored stone business and i also facet gemstones.We have seen a slight decline in our business, but not to the extent of the big diamond companies.The cost of gold going up has not helped, but we are selling sterling silver very well.

As far as that 800% profit, i surely do wish i could get that for my products!Where are the customers that would pay an exorbitant amount like that?Somebody is not in touch with reality!

For all you deals on tiffany charms folks out there who like"Bling", may I suggest a good emerald or sapphire?The good ones will knock your socks off a

Yes, i can see this economy hurting the diamond industry.But after over a century of debeers controlling the prices much in the same way the oil companies control gas prices by hording and releasing when it suits them best is more of a reason than the economy.If annual diamond production was released to the markets and not horded, prices is estimated to be around half of its current prices.It was only after russia and australia refused to bow to debeers, and later canadian mines, did prices fall to their current state.Why do i know this, im a graduate gemologist of gia and had worked in the industry for years.So this i have a little bit of real knowledge in.When you walk into your jewelery store, you have to realize that there is at least an 800% mark up on almost everything in the store.You can thank a tight control of materials by the miners and producers for this.There are more diamonds and even gold than you would imagine.It just doesnt allow the insane profits if they actually allowed it to reach the market.

There are definitely some serious downsides in the diamond business, including forced labor and other such atrocities, but if you do your research, hopefully most of you would, you would realize that this a very small portion of the business as a whole.The jewelry industry employs a very large number of people and when the industry suffers that means many hard working americans as well those from other countries begin to suffer financially.With such harsh economic times there should be no talk of people being happy to see more industry hurting.Does the guy working for kay jewelers at 12 dollars and hour need to lose his job just like so many others have?I think not and i hope the jewelry business continues to employ as many people as possible

Are you referring to theft, or diamonds coming from terrorist supporting countries?

You wont get much for them from a pawn shop.Actually, ebay is the best and most common place for stolen jewelers and gemstones.They also have been found to be melting gold down and casting new findings to offer on websites and ebay.

Liberia is the largest supplier of conflict diamonds in the world, and everyone in the business knows it.But they still buy buy buy from there.Rebels will move diamonds across africa to liberia where no one questions their origin.From there, they move to large diamond distribution houses in india, israel, belgium, london, new york and so on.Then they are mixed in with lots from known legal sources and offered at sights(Private clubs that sell diamonds only to invited members in the industry)And from there they end up in your local shops, custom shops, high end dealers, and even big box suppliers.

So no, there is no way to really deal with theft.

As for being robbed, just be careful and dont skimp on the security and defense.Get yours self a conceal and carry permit if your state allows them.Do your best to asses the situation and only use the fire arm if there is no other choice to protect your or Cheap Tiffany Jewellery your employees life.The jewelry can be replaced, your life cant.

I worked for whitehall jewelers at the headquarters in chicago before they went under.The recession wasn't the complete reason why they went under.They had bad management and did not manage their assets appropriately.They inflated there inventories and stiffed their vendors.I know hell yeah i'm bitter.The Cheap Tiffany Rings ceo mike don and ed dayoob walked away will millions.They laid off in the first swing over 1000 folks.They made us take our vacations and the day after the 4th of july holiday pink slip.It is sad what happen to this industry.

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