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Holy perfection, batman!This show always bounces between good and great(With great getting more bounces than good on most occasions)But this latest installment in batman, the brave and the bold was near nirvana for an all around bat fan like myself.

In the hands of a lesser team, or a team who didn love each and every incarnation of the caped crusader, this episode, filled with terrible puns, a singing villain number and a bad guy with optic nerves on his finger tips, could have gone horribly wrong.Sure the preshow opener was cheesy.Yes watching batman combat a foe called a bad guy whose moniker implies nothing of his spectral command of light and colors is confusing and cheesy, and of course any tale featuring that 5th dimensional imp, bat mite runs the risk of figuratively drowning in a sea of hot melted cheese, but that what makes this show so great.They embrace the cheese.They cheese up the cheese.There more cheese in a single half hour of b than a weekend at the annual great wisconsin cheese festival in the cheese village of little chute wisconsin, plus it just as delicious and the bonus part it doesn bind you up.

This episode had everything that sets b apart from every preceding version of televised batness.Fans of dick grayson robin had to be enjoying his holy this and holy thats, and paul reubens(Aka pee wee herman)Delivered yet another brilliant turn as batman number one fan, batmite.Witnessing the magical scamp shrine to his hero was something special for the fanboy and fangirl in all of us.It was genuinely magical to see the classic comic book covers and panels reinterpreted by this particular creative team.The fact that batman didn flinch during the mention of jason todd name leads me to believe robin number two is still a part of this batman world.There no way of telling if the jason in this world is dead or alive, and quite frankly, there no real evidence to suggest he ever existed on this plane of existence, but something tells me even if he is never mentioned again for the run of this show, the jason todd that batmite mentioned actually interacted with bruce wayne/batman.

Speaking of interaction, the joker couldn get enough interaction when it came to finding new ways of offing his nemesis, and still having an enormous feeling of fondness for my old childhood mousetrap game, i a giant fan of any rube goldbergian contraption.

Of course, the clown prince of crime best instance of communication came during his very own musical number.Ordinarily, i would agree that musical theater and the masked manhunter should not be blended together, but after the brilliance of the neil patrick harris hosted mayhem of the music meister i truly believe there nothing these guys would decide to tackle that they can pull off.

I enjoyed joker little ditty, and for those of you who may not be aware, darn ya smile, was not just a song from who framed roger rabbit, but it the composition actually goes all the way back to a merrie melodies short Louis Vuitton Bags Australia of the same name.The fact that the joker borrows and twists the pleasant phrase in his lyrical verse once again proves the level of devotion to past animation on this creative crew.

If there was ever any doubt how to end this affectionate homage to the best of cartoony fun, there shouldn have been.Batmite Louis Vuitton Australia pops his head through the screen ala porky pig.Holy stuttering porcines!I love this show.

I may be behind on my smallville viewings, but that is because i always choose to watch brave the bold first.This show is so awesome.I hate hate hate(And i mean hate)Musicals, but i was blown away by that music meister episode.Then i had to pick my jaw up off the floor when i found out that was neil patrick harris.If i can enjoy a musical, then i think this show can pull off anytthing.

Loved the episode, and all of the homages scattered throughout.It is a shame more people aren't talking about this show.Ok, got another long day at work tomorrow, so i gotta catch some zs.Later, peeps!

Jakester, i was unaware of the scooby doo story.That is going to kick ass.Not a huge scooby fan as an adult you just can't watch them repeatedly as you did when you were younger but enjoyed it as a kid, and i have every faith these guys will make it better than the originals.Looking forward to some fun easter eggs there.

Millean, you need to check out the song from the"Mask of matched malone. "It only appeared in australia so far.Clever entendre, and i say that as a guy who hates entendre.It just seems more endearing when it's cartoon cuties(Catwoman, black canary, huntress)Singing about superheroes.

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