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Bellevue's high end retail center opening in a week

Video:Bellevue's the bravern opens in a week

Bellevue, wash.Over the past five years, bellevue has seen tremendous growth.?According to the bellevue downtown association, retail footage alone has jumped by 25%.?The latest massive addition to bellevue's retail core comes online in a little more than one week.

"It brings jobs, it brings activity and the physical environment is just stunning,"She said, as she glanced around http://www.buybuckeye.com/ the almostcomplete shopping complex.

According to lloyd, downtown bellevue has added more than 3, 500 housing units, two million square feet of office space and about one million square feet of retail over the past five years.?Bellevue's retail occupancy rate stands at 94.4% pretty good, they say, in this economic climate.?Will bellevuearea shoppers be able to support highend stores like jimmy choo, louis vuitton and neiman marcus at the bravern?

"There are signs that things are either bottoming out or starting to turn up Louis Vuitton Handbags Australia again and that's good news,"Said lloyd.? "Time will tell how people respond. "

The developer of the bravern feels his project is well primed to launch.History,"Said ivanoff.? "And yet they committed to a september opening in 2009. "

Neiman marcus, the anchor of the bravern, has survived a lot of economic ups and downs.?Their market research says opening on their 102nd anniversary in bellevue is a good bet.

"It's 102 years to the very day that we started with a similar concept in dallas, texas,"Said neiman marcus vice president and general manager peter schuette.? "So we think bellevue is perfectly ready and wellsuited for this opportunity. "

Restaurateur john howie is prepping his staff for the september 12th opening of his john howie steak at the bravern.He's been living and breathing plans for this restaurant over the past four years.

"Four years ago we could have never imagined what we were Louis Vuitton Men Handbags going to be into today,"Said howie.? "But i believe that there's a change in the air right now.?People are ready to go out enjoy themselves. "

Howie says he's already seen an uptick in sales at his seastar restaurant in bellevue.?His seattle seastar restaurant is still slower than he'd like.

If anyone can support the new upscale businesses, say retailers, it's bellevue, still one of the wealthiest areas in the country.

Neiman marcus will hold a gala on september 10th benefitting hopelink, overlake hospital medical center and poncho.For more information.

John howie steak will have three charity benefits in the days prior to opening benefitting jericho alliance, seattle children's hospital and assistance league of the eastside:

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